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SPAN Food Drive

Youth Rise LEOs Collect Food for the Needy

The Youth Rise LEO Club, sponsored by the Severn River Lions Club (SRLC) and the Severna Park Middle School teamed up with their school and the Severn River Lions to collect over 3,700 items of canned and non-perishable foods in their pre-Thanksgiving food drive. This project has been undertaken for a number of years, and each year the results are even more spectacular. The LEOs, with the help of the school students and staff, canvas the community and bring in food by the truck load. This year the Lions and LEOs delivered a truck and car load of food to SPAN, the Severna Park Assistance Network, a community nonprofit organized by a number of local churches to better serve the needy. Dozens of residents and homeless will have hope this Thanksgiving, thanks to the Youth Rise LEOs, the help of their friends and the Severn River Lions. What a gift to our community!

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