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Severna Park, Maryland is a town of some 38,000 residents located twenty miles south of Baltimore, six miles north of Annapolis, and forty miles east from the District of Columbia. Located between the Severn and Magothy Rivers, life in Severna Park is dominated by the water. While not everyone is fortunate enough to live on the water or within view of it, everyone is influenced by it.

Many Severna Park residents enjoy sailing, power boating or water sports. The residents of Severna Park take great pride in their community. The Park is almost exclusively single family homes. Architecture varies from old to new. In some communities, remodeled summer cottages are adjacent to new homes, while other communities are more homogeneous.

While the earliest land transactions in Severna Park go back to 1680, the first plats of the area were made by A. Boudin and Company in 1906. The beginnings of development in Severna Park took place in what is known as Olde Severna Park. Over the years, development reached the rural areas along the Severn and Magothy Rivers. In the early days, Severna Park residents relied heavily on the WB&A railroad for transportation to Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis. This service began in 1908 and ended in 1950.

For the last 60 years, traffic has increased on Ritchie Highway, Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard, and Benfield Road. Commercial development has concentrated along these thoroughfares. Today, Park residents can find most goods and services available locally. Residential development has increased to the point where few undeveloped areas remain.

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