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Adopt-a-Highway Program

Once again we make our monthly walks along Route 2, to maintain the picturesque and scenic vista. We meet in the parking lot of Earleigh Heights Fire Department approximately fifteen minutes prior to the 'Step Off' time (usually between 7:00 and 7:30 am). This will allow us to have a BRIEF social time, where we will enjoy our USUAL continental breakfast.

A sign up sheet will be passed around at the general meeting prior to the pick up date.

New Members are encouraged to attend.

Lions Rollins Clark, Chris Parks, Ray Smith, Jackie Hetrick, Chris Werth, and Carroll Hicks line up for the photo op in their reflective gear before starting on the morning's pickup. Taking the photo, Lion Clem Kusiak is also part of the crew.

Want to join us? Contact:
Chief Highway Maintenance Engineer

Blue Line

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